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Our goals

Housing all your manufacturing needs, from prototyping to shipping finished goods.”

See our extensive services and capabilities. MK emphasizes its ability to be self-reliant; creating a simpler supply chain and less worries for you.

Quick prototyping. 3D Printed torch handle. Manufacturing method verification.
Solid 3d modeling. Engineering control on all work.

Our team of expert mechanical engineers and electrical engineers are always around to discuss your project requirements and decide how to provide you with the best solution. Our design phase might involve proposing manufacturing techniques or designs to improve the reliability, quality, and costs. All designs start in our state-of-the-art Engineering Department. There, 3D Solid Modeling starts the real-time design and concept of your part. Rapid prototyping gives our engineers the ability to quickly get sample parts to you and test design variations for your application.

CNC lathe turning.
Swiss turning, screw turning. Variation of alloys from lathes.
Live tool wall, on mori seiki. Calculating tool wear as used.
Vertical CNC milling weldhead. Many machines with varying capability.
Aluminum welding torch body. Water and air cooled. CNC machined
Manual and automatic brazing. Mechanical fabrication.
CNC Fiber laser for quick sheet fabrication. CO2 laser in house.
Welder striking an arc using custom fixturing.
CNC press brake. Automating bending processes for sheet metal.
CMM inspection probe validating dimensions in inspection lab.
Routine floor inspection stops using calipers and micrometers to verify consistently.
new version turntable, Workholding for welding. Historic turntable.
Inventory control for raw materials, finished goods.

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